ULN executive receives recognition from National Urban League

Marilyn Sims, Urban League of Nebraska’s Vice President of Programs, was recently recognized by the National Urban League’s Whitney M. Young Jr.’s Center for Urban Leadership for her work with the “Project Ready Program”.

Ms. Sims was recognized because “her work embodies the theme and the UL Movement’s focus on ensuring that every American child is ready for college, work and life by 2025,” said Mr. Thomas Warren, President and CEO of the Urban League of Nebraska.

Ms. Sims received a large illuminate plaque that was delivered to the ULN Family Resource Center and is being displayed in her office.

Project Ready is a set of evidence based standards, plus practical tools, specifically designed for and unique to the Urban League Movement. Its main purpose is getting African-American, and other urban youth, ready for both the college and professional world.

The program helps 8th-12th grade students make academic progress, learn from cultural enrichment opportunities and develop important skills, attitudes and aptitudes that will aid in their transition from high school and position them for post-secondary success.

This year’s theme was Education & Youth Development Asset Based Approaches That Make a difference.

This summer students created a video detailing the history of the city of Omaha through a series of interviews with local, historical figures.

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