Urban League of Nebraska brings Omaha’s dreams together for a special MLK celebration

Uniting Omaha Exhibit Invitation

During February, the Urban League of Nebraska gathered the dreams of students and community members.  Those dreams will be brought together for an exhibit, Uniting Omaha: One City, Many Dreams on Saturday, March 7th, 6 to 8 p.m. at the Love’s Jazz and Arts Center.

“This project will unite Omaha as a city of dreamers just like Martin Luther King, Jr.,” said Billie Grant, outreach coordinator at the Urban League of Nebraska, “bringing together young, old, rich, poor, black and white to share their dreams and to see the dreams of those around us.”

Banners with King’s famous quote “I have a dream…” were displayed throughout the community and people were invited to attach a card stating their own dream.  The banners were created by volunteers from Sustained Dialogue, a student group at the University of Nebraska Omaha, for the university’s Martin Luther King Day of Service.  All six large banners will be displayed at the center and guests can add their own dreams to the banners during the event.

Uniting Omaha (2)

The exhibit will include spoken word and other performances from local artists, including:

And a special performance of “Glory” from the hit film Selma by King Science & Technology Magnet students Salena Alderson (dancer), Rashaya Benson-Redinbaugh (dancer), Dezarae Brown (dancer), and Ken Thomas (soloist).

After the exhibit, the banners will be displayed at the Urban League of Nebraska, the South Omaha Public Library, Girls Inc., and Loves Jazz and Art Center.

If you have any questions about the exhibit or volunteering, please contact Billie Grant, 402-451-1066 or outreach@urbanleagueneb.org.

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