KETV 7: Survey reveals ‘disparate experiences’ among Omaha young professionals

OMAHA, Neb. —The Omaha community can do more to include and embrace its diverse group of young professionals, according to a survey commissioned by the Greater Omaha Chamber of Young Professionals in 2015.

Nearly 1,500 people responded to the online survey between April and August 2015.

The results revealed a contrast: Whether young professionals grew up in Omaha, had moved away and returned, or moved to the community from a different place, 80 percent or more of respondents would recommend greater Omaha to others.

But when researchers reorganized responses based on racial identity, Greater Omaha Chamber staff said black young professionals were five to six times less likely to recommend Omaha than any other group studied.


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Please join the Urban League of Nebraska Young Professionals at their general meeting to discuss the results of this survey and its effects on the community.  The meeting will be held March 7 at 6 P.M. (5:30 for networking) at the University of Nebraska Omaha Barbara Weitz Community Engagement Center. 

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