Changing Lives One Wednesday at a Time

Here at ULN, people in the community come to us to participate in our employment programs. One service we offer is Working Wednesdays, where Working Wednesdays hiring events connect job seekers and employers.  These events feature anywhere from one to ten employers from a wide variety industries, or they may be focused on a certain industry.

We talked to Michael Chang, Vice President of Business Development & Ancillary Sales at Stage (formerly Gordmans Distribution Center), about his recent participation with one of our Working Wednesdays. He was interested in Urban League’s Working Wednesdays events because of his former connections with the Chicago Urban League. He created connections with our Director of Employment and Career Services Rozalyn Bredow and Vice President of Programs Wayne Brown to talk about how Stage could make an impact in the North Omaha community by hiring more people.Chang stated that he and his colleagues saw two things in the community: the need for employees, and the need to decrease Omaha’s unemployment rate. Chang knew that Urban League could find talented people in the North Omaha community who are usually unrecognized due to their underrepresented backgrounds (low-income, African American, etc.) When Stage Distribution Center came to Working Wednesday, Change was very happy with the outcome of the event. He and his colleague ended the event with talking with very skilled people and offered to 13 talented people a job to work at Stage. He was more than happy to state that having a computer lab in the Urban League’s building was “so so absolutely handy”; it made it more convenient for those job seekers who may not have access to the internet at home utilise it for applying to jobs.

Having people like Michael Chang work with us at the Urban League of Nebraska makes us one step closer to providing people opportunities to find jobs and be employed!

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