Oct. 27th-Oct. 29th

This weekend was…. eventful.

I finally moved to my real apartment and it has been the best to me already. People keep on asking me if the apartment is too small. Compared to the townhouse I was living in, I much prefer the apartment. I know I have a lot of stuff, but smaller space, the better.

Moving just across the street was a hassle just due to the fact of the windy-ness of Omaha (was NOT expecting that!) So all I did on Friday was adjust to my new home and ordered pizza (no time to make food!)


On Saturday, I asked my friend (also a fellow Weitz Fellow) to take me to the Nebraska Humane Society. I was ready for a cat. 3 months in planning, and years of wanting another pet, I finally was able to adopt a pet (remember, #AdoptDontShop). I had my eyes on Waffles, an overweight fluffly cat. I was telling everyone Waffles is the one, Waffles is the one. However: Waffles was not the one. I was able to have some time with her and I enjoyed her so much! The person who was helping me find the right cat did inform me that Waffles will be a lot to handle. She had pre-diabetes, her former family was not taking care of her at all, and she would need to go to the vet routinely.

This did not sound like the emotional support animal I needed. I wanted to care for a cat, but I also wanted in turn a cat that would make sure my anxiety was stable. I was crying to that volunteer, because I was worried that Waffles would never get adopted due to her pre-existing conditions. She comforted me saying Waffles will definitely be adopted. So she ask if there was another cat I had in mind. I told her that this black cat named Midnight was interested in me. So she left with Waffles and came back with that skinny black cat.


There he was. Already adjusted to me. He just looked at me and was like, “Oh, hey you!”

He came to me and just snuggled with me. He even let me pick him up! Then he got really comfortable on my chest. I was at peace with all of this, even when people were passing by and saying, “oh looks like he is gonna get adopted!”

They were right.

October 28th, 2017, I adopted Midnight (now known as Hallows Eve). He is a wonderful cat. I sometimes forget he is a cat because he sometimes acts like a very calm dog. I don’t wanna say it is love, but I love him already.

Even if he wakes me up at 4:48 am meowing for food.

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