Black Leadership Symposium

We want to thank the Urban League of Nebraska Youth and Education Department for planning and coordinating taking students to the Black Leadership Symposium held at the University of Nebraska at Lincoln!  Overall, upwards of 300 8th grade through high school junior students participated in various breakout sessions covering a variety of aspects related to college. 

This initiative was led by Radell Nared, University of Nebraska at Lincoln Senior Assistant Director, Diversity & Community Outreach.

The highlight of the event was having listening to keynote speaker, Mr. Dawon B. Baker, Diversity & Inclusion, Life Skills & Enrichment Director.  He broke down why it was crucial for high school and college students to have their own personal Board of Directors.  He then covered in detail the five people you need to have:  A realist, A cheerleader, someone who has worked with you or someone you’ve grown up with, someone you aspire to be like, and finally a mentee.

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