Census 2020 Press Conference

Urban League of Nebraska is proud to say we are engaged with the 2020 Census via City of Omaha’s Complete Count Committee. The Complete Count Committee is the trusted voice that will increase awareness and drive high collaboration in the Omaha community to encourage full participation in the 2020 Census.

“Participation in the Census ensures the equitable distribution of
government funds.  It determines how legislative districts at all levels
of government are drawn, where roads and transit are built in the future and how billions of dollars in federal funding for housing, education,
transportation and healthcare are allocated”, said CEO of Urban League of
Nebraska Thomas Warren, who was also on the panel at the 2020 Census Press Conference on October 15, 2019.

Warren also stated that the Census was safe and anonymous due to the fact
that the data collected is protected by strong federal laws and cannot be
shared with law enforcement. “Also, it is extremely important that residents from underserved communities are counted.  When residents are not counted, it denies our neighborhoods and communities our fair share of resources that are necessary to meet the needs of our children and our families. This is why it is important that we count every person in every household.”

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