Whitney M. Young Kicks Off Fall with ACT Prep

For the ACT Prep workshops, Urban League of Nebraska Whitney M. Young Jr. Academy has had students take practice tests under real live testing conditions and Youth and Education staff have reviewed each test question to the best of their ability. Each night, an average of 15 students come and test on the ACT portions they have trouble on. One night there were 9 students who took the science portion of the ACT (40 questions, 35 minutes). The staff covered every question and discussed the answers after they finished. Youth and Education specialist, Mr. Michael Bonner, graded the exams. There was one student, Ms. Lauren Burris, who just happens to be a part of our Urban League of Nebraska programs, who scored a PERFECT 36 on the test! When Mr. Bonner made the announcement, the other students clapped for her! It was quite a moment!

We at the Urban League continue to put effort and hope into our students and great things happen like getting a perfect score on the ACT! We will forever be an advocate for the young people of Omaha.

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