The Urban League of Nebraska is committed to empowering the community we serve by monitoring and taking part in Nebraska legislation.

In 2017, the ULN Board of Directors formally adopted an Advocacy Plan that will guide our efforts in Advocacy and provide a benchmark of the values this organization stands for.

In drafting this document, the Advocacy Task Force identified 5 key measures that form the founding principles of ULN advocacy:

  1. 1. Civil Rights
  2. 2. Criminal Justice Reform
  3. 3. Closing the achievement gap for African-American students.
  4. 4. Protecting and expanding voting rights (VR).
  5. 5. Equalizing quality of life standards between African-Americans and other minority populations and their peers.

For more information, read the Advocacy Plan – Executive Summary.


We also have a Legislation Spreadsheet to track bills introduced in the current Legislative Session that align with the 5 Advocacy values above. (Click the bill number for more information and to learn its current status.)

If you feel strongly about one or more of the bills that we are monitoring, we encourage you to take action by filling out the form below:

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