Community Coaches Program

Community Coaches Program

The Urban League of Nebraska (ULN) is now administering the Community Coaches program for youth (ages 15-18) and young adults (ages 18-21) residing in the Omaha/Douglas county metropolitan area.

This program, at no cost to you or your family, is being offered to assist you with achieving success! The program will be a model of collaboration and cooperation between organizations, by presenting workshops and sessions designed specifically to bridge the gap from education to employment. The program is a collaboration with other community agencies to engage our youth and young adult population with viable programs and activities.

Who Can Be Involved?

Community Coaches Program #2Recruitment will be for At-risk and High-risk, in and out of school youth and young adults who face barriers to staying in school or finding stable employment. This would include pre-adjudicated and post-adjudicated youth. Outreach will include contact with parents and guardians, communicating with schools and youth development organizations along with coordinating with juvenile probation officers, foster care providers and faith based institutions.

Three Components

The Community Coaches program incorporates three major components for youth to achieve success: Education, Employment and Civic Engagement.


The education component will provide access to tutoring and remedial learning, computer technology, and ACT and SAT test preparation training. This supplemental engagement and exposure for the student will increase their involvement and success in high school.


The employment component will allow the participant to gain job readiness skills such as interviewing and resume writing and instill the proper attitude and demeanor to retain employment. It will also provide access to on-the-job training, internships, and part-time jobs.

Civic EngagementCivic Engagement

The final component of the program is civic engagement, which will provide opportunities for youth to participate in and lead activities that are meaningful to them and the community. The projects will develop team building and leadership skills as well as draw on and hone in on the natural talents of our youth.

Apply Today!

There is limited space available in the program, so don’t miss out! Click here to download the application and enroll today.