Each year, the African-American Leadership Awards (AALA) recognize individuals for their accomplishments and achievements in our community and for their significant contributions to the City of Omaha.  Below are the past honorees.  Click here to learn more about the awards and nomination process.

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Honorees By Year


Bertha Calloway* (Community)
Mildred D. Brown* (Community)


Rowena G. Moore* (Community)
Charles B. Washington* (Community)


Katherine Fletcher (Education)
Eugene W. Skinner* (Education)


Robert L. Armstrong (Community)
Mary Dean Pearson* (Community)


Brenda Council (Community)
James Hawes, III (Business)


Herman Cain (Business)
Dr. Gladys Styles Johnson (Education)
Rev. James C. Wade, Sr.* (Faith)


Thomas L. Harvey* (Education)
Frank L. Hayes (Business)
Edwardene Armstrong (Education)


Michael Green (Business)
Carole Woods-Harris (Community)
Joanne R. Harrell (Business)


James Beatty (Business)
Rev. Negil McPherson (Faith)
Alcurtis Robinson (Community)
Kathy J. Trotter (Education)


Dr. Don Bennning (Education)
Jean Edmundson (Community)
Joe Edmundson* (Community)
Alvin Goodwin (Business)
L.C. Meanyweather Woods* (Faith)


Charles Hall* (Business)
Steve Hogan* (Community)
Edmae Swain* (Education)
Rev. John Whittington* (Faith)


Steva Franklin (Community)
Jim Swoopes* (Business)
Rev. Maurice Watson (Faith)
Warren Taylor (Education)


Bob Boozer* (Community)
Dick Davis (Business)
Dr. Carol Mitchell (Education)
Rev. Dr. Everett Reynolds* (Faith)


Eric Butler (Business)
Michael Maroney (Community)
Rev. Jermiah McGee (Faith)
Dr. Mary Mudd (Education)


John Beasley (Community)
Gene Haynes (Education)
Terri Jackson Miller (Business)
Rev. Bobby McCallister* (Faith)


Rev. Charlotte Abram (Faith)
Calvin Dunn (Business)
George Dillard (Community)
Z. Clarence Barbee* (Education)
Avoca Mason (Someone Special)


James Freeman (Education)
Sharon Davis (Business)
Teela Mickles (Faith)
Ernest White (Community)
Ben Gray (Someone Special)


Dr. Joyce Buckner (Education)
Tommie Wilson (Community)
Rev. Dr. Thomas Smith (Faith)
Marshall Taylor (Business)
Sonny Foster* (Someone Special)


Apostle Vanessa Ward (Faith)
Omaha Public Schools Greeter (Education)
Thomas H. Warren, Sr. (Community)
Faye Hobley (Business)
Sybil Myers* (Someone Special)


Rev. Dr. Leroy Adams (Faith)
Valda Ford (Health)
John Ewing (Community)
Angela Jones (Business)
Willie Barney (Someone Special)
Janice Gilmore (Education)


Rev. Dr. Selwyn Q. Bachus (Faith)
Teresa Hunter (Community)
Josh Jones (Young Professional)
Yvonne Method-Walker (Business)
Walter Brooks (Health)
Freddie J. Gray (Education)
Brittney Buder-Rencher (Youth)
Chris Rodgers (Government)


Elmer Crumbley (Education)
Velma Crumbley* (Education)
Pat Davis (Community)
Dr. Rubens Pamies* (Health)
Judy Pearl-Lee (Business)
Rev. Dr. Cedric Perkins (Faith)
David Smiley (Youth)
Chris Wiley (Someone Special)


Karnetta Thomas (Business)
Dr. Mary Goodwin-Clinkscale (Community)
Dr. Jerry Bartee (Education)
Dr. Sade Kosoko-Lasaki (Health)
Judge Vernon Daniels (Government)
Taylor White-Welchen (Youth)
Rev. Dwight Ford (Faith)
Mary E. Thomas (Someone Special)


Dr. Richard L. Brown (Health)
Sherrye L. Hutcherson (Business)
Rev. Ralph B. Lassiter, Sr. (Faith)
Judge Darryl R. Lowe (Government)
John E. Pierce (Education)
James Smith (Community)
Jhone’ White-Lucas (Youth)


Tim Clark (Community)
Ira D. Combs (Health)
Senator Tanya D. Cook (Government)
Dr. Minnie R. Dacus (Education)
Cydney Franklin (Young Professional)
Othello H. Meadows (Business)
Ashley L. Swift (Youth)
Bishop Robert D. Taylor (Faith)


Rev. Portia A. Cavitt (Faith)
Wesley RaShad Dacus (Young Professional)
Dr. Cynthia K. Gooch (Education)
Chief William H. Johnson (Government)
Sherri Nared-Brooks (Health)
Vicki Quaites-Ferris (Community)
Dr. Marguerita Washington* (Someone Special)
Jacqueline White (Business)


Maxwell Richard Ambris (Faith)
LaTeya Broadway (Youth)
Melvin A. Clancy (Education)
Mark Foxall, Ph.D., CJM (Government)
Doris Govain Lassiter (Health)
Terrence Mackey (Community)
Dr. Herbert Rhodes (Business)
Richard J. Webb (Young Professional)


Reverend Kenneth Allen (Faith)
Jaden Wrightsell (Youth)
Dr. Amber Williams (Education)
Judge Wadie Thomas Jr. (Government)
Wayne Houston (Health)
Jami Anders-Kemp (Community)
Cort Bonner (Business)
Jason Fischer (Young Professional)


Rev. Jon Lucas (Faith)
Rianna Gunter (Youth)
Dr. Sandra Hodges (Education)
Captain Wayne Hudson (Government)
Kenny McMorris (Health)
Arvin Frazier (Community)
Chandra Henley (Business)

Aja Anderson (Young Professional)

Lonnie Mcintosh (Someone Special)


Honorees By Category


James Hawes, III (1994)
Herman Cain (1995)
Frank L. Hayes (1996)
Michael Green (1997)
Joanne R. Harrell (1997)
James Beatty (1998)
Alvin Goodwin (1999)
Charles Hall (2000)
Jim Swoopes* (2001)
Dick Davis (2002)
Eric Butler (2003)
Terri Jackson Miller (2004)
Calvin Dunn (2005)
Sharon Davis (2006)
Marshall Taylor (2007)
Faye Hobley (2008)
Angela Jones (2009)
Yvonne Method-Walker (2010)
Judy Pearl-Lee (2011)
Karnetta Thomas (2012)
Sherrye L. Hutcherson (2013)
Othello H. Meadows (2014)
Jacqueline White (2015)

Dr. Herbert Rhodes (2016)

Cort Bonner (2017)

Chandra Henley (2018)


Mildred D. Brown (1990)
Bertha Calloway (1990)
Rowena G. Moore (1991)
Charles B. Washington (1991)
Robert Armstrong (1993)
Mary Dean Harvey* (1993)
Brenda Council (1994)
Carole Woods-Harris (1997)
Alcurtis Robinson (1998)
Jean Edmundson (1999)
Joe Edmundson (1999)
Steve Hogan (2000)
Steva Franklin (2001)
Bob Boozer* (2002)
Michael Maroney (2003)
John Beasley (2004)
George Dillard (2005)
Ernest White (2006)
Tommie Wilson (2007)
Thomas H. Warren, Sr. (2008)
John Ewing (2009)
Teresa Hunter (2010)
Pat Davis (2011)
Dr. Mary Goodwin-Clinkscale (2012)
James Smith (2013)
Tim Clark (2014)
Vicki Quaites-Ferris (2015)

Terrence Mackey (2016)

Jami Anders-Kemp (2017)

Arvin Frazier (2018)


Katherine Fletcher (1992)
Eugene W. Skinner (1992)
Dr. Gladys Styles Johnson (1995)
Thomas L. Harvey* (1996)
Edwardene Armstrong (1996)
Kathy J. Trotter (1998)
Dr. Don Benning (1999)
Edmae Swain (2000)
Warren Taylor (2001)
Dr. Carol Mitchell (2002)
Dr. Mary Mudd (2003)
Gene Haynes (2004)
Z. Clarence Barbee* (2005)
James Freeman (2006)
Dr. Joyce Buckner (2007)
Omaha Public Schools Greeter (2008)
Janice Gilmore (2009)
Freddie J. Gray (2010)
Elmer Crumbley (2011)
Velma Crumbley (2011)
Dr. Jerry Bartee (2012)
John E. Pierce (2013)
Dr. Minnie R. Dacus (2014)
Dr. Cynthia K. Gooch (2015)

Melvin A. Clancy (2016)

Dr. Amber Williams (2017)

Dr. Sandra Hodges (2018)


Rev. James C. Wade, Sr.* (1995)
Rev. Nigel McPherson (1998)
L.C. Meanyweather Woods (1999)
Rev. John Whittington (2000)
Rev. Maurice Watson (2001)
Rev. Dr. Everett Reynolds* (2002)
Rev. Jermiah McGee (2003)
Rev. Bobby McCallister* (2004)
Rev. Charlotte Abram (2005)
Teela Mickles (2006)
Rev. Dr. Thomas Smith (2007)
Apostle Vanessa Ward (2008)
Rev. Dr. Leroy Adams (2009)
Rev. Dr. Selwyn Q. Bachus (2010)
Rev. Dr. Cedric Perkins (2011)
Rev. Dwight Ford (2012)
Rev. Ralph B. Lassiter, Sr. (2013)
Bishop Robert D. Taylor (2014)
Rev. Portia A. Cavitt (2015)

Maxwell Richard Ambris (2016)

Rev. Kenneth Allen (2017)

Rev. Jon Lucas (2018)


Chris Rodgers (2010)
Judge Vernon Daniels (2012)
Judge Darryl R. Lowe (2013)
Senator Tanya D. Cook (2014)
Chief William H. Johnson (2015)

Mark Foxall, Ph.D., CJM (2016)

Judge Wadie Thomas Jr. (2017)

Captain Wayne Hudson (2018)


Valda Ford (2009)
Walter Brooks (2010)
Dr. Rubens Pamies* (2011)
Dr. Sade Kosoko-Lasaki (2012)
Dr. Richard L. Brown (2013)
Ira D. Combs (2014)
Sherri Nared-Brooks (2015)

Doris Govain Lassiter (2016)

Wayne Houston (2017)

Kenny McMorris (2018)

Someone Special

Avoca Mason (2005)
Ben Gray (2006)
Sonny Foster* (2007)
Sybil Myers* (2008)
Willie Barney (2009)
Chris Wiley (2011)

Mary E. Thomas (2012)

Dr. Marguerita Washington* (2015)

Lonnie Mcintosh (2018)

Young Professional

Josh Jones (2010)
Cydney Franklin (2014)
Wesley RaShad Dacus (2015)

Richard J. Webb (2016)

Jason Fischer (2017)

Aja Anderson (2018)


Brittney Buder-Rencher (2010)
David Smiley (2011)
Taylor White-Welchen (2012)
Jhone’ White-Lucas (2013)
Ashley L. Swift (2014)

LaTeya Broadway (2016)

Jaden Wrightsell (2017)

Rianna Gunter (2018)