Network to Careers

Connecting job seekers to opportunity and employers to diverse, qualified candidates.

Welcome to Network to Careers (N2C), the Urban League of Nebraska’s free online employment services portal for job seekers and employers. N2C is a streamlined, automated career services portal that will connect our program participants and other job seekers to employers and employment opportunities and connect employers to qualified diverse candidates. N2C will enable job seekers to:

  • Upload a resume, search jobs and send online inquiries.
  • Track jobs viewed and applied for and access that history with a click of the mouse.
  • And more with the creation of only one profile.

Please click the relevant link below to log into your N2C profile or to register as a new user.

If you have any questions about Networks to Careers, please contact Rozalyn Bredow, (402) 453-9730 x122 or