Community Partnership

Commitment to Opportunity, Diversity, and Equity (CODE)

The Urban League of Nebraska is proud to partner with local nonprofits and businesses for the Commitment to Opportunity, Diversity, and Equity (CODE) Initiative.

CODE was born as a sustainable initiative to address diversity, inclusivity, equity and access to opportunity in Greater Omaha. Research conducted in 2015 showed African American young professionals were five-to-six times less likely than their Caucasian peers to recommend Greater Omaha as a place to live, work, and play, among other issues. Two years of focus groups, additional research, and collaboration among organizations, nonprofits, and corporations further revealed research data were not only perceptual but also behavioral. Something had to be done – because “nothing” is never an option. Bianca Harley is the Manager of Diversity and Inclusion and serves as a council member of CODE. For a list of CODE council members and more information about what CODE is doing, click this link.

Urban League serves as a council member and a voice in CODE. We contribute to conversation a North Omaha perspective on inclusivity and diversity. We strive to ensure that other members of the council understand and recognize the importance of including the North Omaha community in conversations on diversity and creating a holistic environment for all. More than a collaborative new diversity and inclusion initiative, it’s a call to action for those who believe we can and must do better. CODE is our Commitment to Opportunity, Diversity, and Equity for Greater Omaha.

2020 Census

Urban League of Nebraska is proud to say we are engaged with the 2020 Census via City of Omaha’s Complete Count Committee. The Complete Count Committee is the trusted voice that will increase awareness and drive high collaboration in the Omaha community to encourage full participation in the 2020 Census.

Members of the Complete Count Committee include Urban League of Nebraska CEO Thomas Warren, Troy Anderson, Viridana Almanza, Alexis Bromley, Doug Dohse, Micky Devitt, David Drozd, Cesar Garcia, Sal Issaka, Sarah Klostermeyer, Deacon Timothy McNeil, Elizebeth Murphy, Vinny Palermo, Jeff Pospisil, Erin Porterfield, Eric Servellon, Hannah Young, and Janet Zahm.

How the Census benefits OUR Community: Federal funds, grants and support to states, counties and communities are based on population totals and breakdowns by sex, age, race and other factors. Our community benefits the most when the census counts everyone. When you respond to the census, you help your community gets its fair share of the more than $675 billion per year in federal funds spent on schools, hospitals, roads, public works and other vital programs. To apply for Census 2020 jobs, click here. For further information on the Census, click here.