Violence Prevention Initiatives

We create safer communities by disrupting the link between poverty and crime.

In 2008, the Urban League of Nebraska launched initiatives to interrupt and prevent gang activity. Our initiatives provide alternatives to crime, assist youth through life skills development and education, as well as address the emotional and physical needs of our participants.

Violence Prevention initiatives provide youthful offenders who may be under the supervision of the juvenile court system with the following supports:

  • Credit recovery to obtain a high school diploma
  • Remedial and tutorial education
  • Life skills management
  • College preparation
  • Career exploration
  • Job training

Our programs have proven success.

ULN Violence Prevention initiatives have reduced disciplinary suspensions and expulsions and contact with the criminal justice system. They have also improved:

  • Compliance with conditions of diversion
  • School attendance
  • Academic achievement and grade attainment
  • High school graduation rates
  • Job placement

Help us create safer communities.

Resources are needed to continue our successful Violence Prevention initiatives. Donate or become a member of the League, volunteer or contact our staff if you know a student who could benefit from our programs and services. Together, we can keep our youth out of a life of crime and lead them toward becoming productive citizens.