Whitney M. Young, Jr. Academy

Whitney M. Young, Jr.

The Whitney M. Young, Jr. Academy empowers youth through education and career preparation.

  • STRIVE for excellence at home, school and in my community.
  • WORK within my neighborhood to further its development.
  • RESPECT my mind and body, as well as the minds and bodies of others.
  • CELEBRATE my heritage and culture as well as those of others.
  • CREATE a better future for my family, other people and myself.
  • CARE for the world’s people and environment.


  • Provide opportunities for participant’s academic, personal, career and social development.
  • Assist young people in developing long-term and short-term goals, which will lead to a productive adult life experience.
  • Groom future leaders to develop communications and decision-making skills as well as civic responsibility.
  • Involve youth to be active and provide community service projects that will develop and execute them to improve the conditions of their neighborhoods.
  • Promote the importance of parental involvement.

Want to be a part of the Whitney M. Young, Jr. Academy?

For more information about the Whitney M. Young, Jr. Academy, contact Nicole Mitchell at (402) 451-1066.